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What is your ethos? Why owning a concept (even a niche concept) is critical in digital / social

3:30 pm
Room 361
Attend this Session

Many brands want to be like Coca Cola, Apple, or Google. The issue – Coca Cola, Apple, and Google already own their respective spaces and their respective core philosophies.

With so many emerging trends, brand managers, social media coordinators, and even marketing strategists, need a way to centre their concepts and drill down to their core offering / differentiation.

That’s what I call a brand’s ethos – the concept that a brand can own fully that would be extremely hard to replicate.

I’ll share a few stories of brands (big and small) who have found their ethos and leveraged them in the digital / social space. I’ll also share a few stories of popular brands that remain lukewarm because they haven’t.

At the end of the session, I’ll share a little bit about my approach when developing concepts and how I utilize an ethos to fully-imagine / test a complete brand strategy.

Key Take Aways

  • The importance of finding your ethos
  • How brands that understand their ethos leverage it to dominate
  • Using a core philosophy as a social media litmus test
  • Creating marketing concepts / programs using an ethos
  • A few stories of brands that learned the hard-way
Intermediate Social Media &
Marketing Session

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