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Storytelling for the Professional

10:00 am
Room 357
Attend this Session

Once upon a time there was a young communication coordinator named CoCo. CoCo’s boss had read a magazine on a flight extolling the virtues of narrative in marketing and was now insisting that story was everything. CoCo thought it sounded all well and good, but a banner ad is not a story. A status update is not a story. CoCo had content to make and post to the Twitters and the Book of the Face and was worried all this story nonsense was going to mean lots of late nights trying to juxtapose a story on top of all the cat memes in order to please the big boss. CoCo turned to the Google for guidance and wisdom and Google in it’s benevolence set CoCo on the path to PodCamp. CoCo braved the blustery ice gales of February, snuck past the angry troll who guarded the gateway to the Tim Hortons, and with coffee and timbit in hand found a place in the back of the room of ‘Storytelling for the Professional’…

Storytelling is hardwired into the human brain. It’s an integral part of how we make decisions. A story is what makes a drink ‘Coca-Cola’ and not just carbonated sugar water. A story is what engages your audience and brings them back for more. We’ll cover elements of what makes a story work and how to fit that into your marketing.

Key Take Aways

  • The relation between the brain and story
  • Elements of a story
  • Applying the elements of storytelling to your marketing


Intermediate Social Media &
Marketing Session


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