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PodCamp Toronto is Canada's largest and longest running digital media un-conference.

We aim to create a space where leaders and learners can come together to share their ideas and experiences in our six topics of interest.

Podcasting &
Digital Media

Representing the roots of PodCamp, this category encompasses pretty much anything you can stick into (or build out of) an RSS feed: videos, images, slideshows, blogs and, of course, good old fashioned podcasting.

Digital Business &

Look at the cloud from both sides, now. Presenters in this stream will be sharing stories about their wins (and losses) using the web for business. Learn about the latest tools and strategies for effective planning and execution.

Design & Development

Let’s get technical. This stream provides a place where we can talk about problems faced and solutions built, as well as the best and worst practices we’re seeing in the industry.

Hacker & Maker

All open everything. Inventors and problem solvers unite to show us what they’ve built, what they’re working on, and the amazing tools they use to do it.

Community, Activism
and Culture

Because the Internet IS real life. Find out how PodCamp community members are making social, political, economic or environmental change. We’re also keen to talk about how cultural trends play out online (because you won’t believe what happens next!).

The Audience is in Charge

Because PodCamp Toronto is an un-conference, you are in charge.

You Set the Agenda

Attend the Sessions that are right for you and get the most out of PodCamp by creating your own experience.

Bookmark the sessions you're interested in to create your personalized schedule.

You are the Speaker

Unlike a conventional conference, at PodCamp Anyone can lead a session, even if you’ve never been to a PodCamp before.

Thinking of leading a session? All you need to do is apply with your idea and be passionate about the topic!

Show your PodCamp Pride

Packages starting from $5

Vist Our Merch Table

A Community Experience

The talks are just the beginning.

PodCamp, at it’s heart, is about bringing together the best learnings and people the community has to offer.

Like Minds

You’ll forge connections at PodCamp Toronto that will evolve into long-term friendships and amazing collaborative projects.

Spontaneous Learning

In corridors, break-out rooms, the registration table, at the bar on Saturday evening. At PodCamp Toronto, learning is spontaneous.


Every aspect of PodCamp Toronto has potential for interactivity. Get yourself out there and join the conversations in person and online with #pcto16.


The weekend get's kicked off Friday evening at a local pub where we welcome our out of towners and get the good times rolling.

Hosted By

For ten years, Ryerson University has been host to PodCamp Toronto at their Rogers Communication Centre. As home to the school’s radio and television arts, professional communication and journalism programs, it’s the perfect venue for our community members to meet, mingle and exchange ideas.


Where things get turnt up


Places to rest your eyes


Get to, and around, the city